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Inspected Once, Inspected Right.

Pricing and Type of Service

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Price Matching Guarantee  !!!

Price depend on :  Square Footage/ Bathroom/Bedroom/Basement /Age / Location

Condominium start @ $250.00~

Town house/ Duplex/Quad-Duplex start@ $295.00~

Single Family Home start @ $300.00~

Multi Family  2 unit start at@ $350.00~

Construction Phrase inspection @ $180 per hour

Commerical Building Inspection @ $0.07 per sq. ft~ with a mini. fee requirement

Apartment unit Inspection @$50 per unit

Flir Thermal Image Report @ Please call

Other Add On Service :

Air Quality and  Mold Inspection, collect Air quality data samples,send to Laboratory for Lab test result  @375.00 ~

Radon gas measurement with one machine start $195.00

Environmental Services ,Mold  Remediation , Please call for estimate.

Roof data Technician Authorized Owens Corning as part of a roof warranty claim resolution process. Please call.

Contact: 847.417.9778/773.888.6538



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